Religion & the deities

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Religion & the deities

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The wolves, as they all have a different set of magic, are entitled to worship their respective deity. Yet many also choose to worship either Seraphina, the dragon of light, or Reshaiah, the dragon of darkness. They both display life and death as well as light and darkness. In the old scripts Seraphina is goodness and Reshaiah is evil, but this is a false statement. The wolves are given the option to choose if they believe the skripts or not as it is still considered revolutionary to believe Reshaiah to be neutral as Seraphina is.  Apart from the two main dragons there are the deities who give the power of the elements. As it is, the religion is based on the wolves born. Each deity chooses their wolf going forth as to call them 'children'. Each pup born is hand picked by the gods and is set in their way of magic and abilities. Therefore the wolves have a strong connection to said deity and will unlikely ever be spiteful toward them. If they choose to worship or not is up to them, but they do not usually deny their existence.

Without further delay:

The Deities:

  • Seraphina - A white dragon with pale blue eyes; represents light. ¬†
  • Reshaiah - A black dragon with red eyes; represents darkness.

  • T'aul - A phoenix; represents fire.
  • Dee-kaul - A hydra; represents water.
  • Rau - A gigantic tortoise - represents earth.
  • Hesuan - A gryphon - represents wind.

It had been spoken that because Reshaiah secretely created his own wolves down in the cavern he was banished by the deities of creating his own children for a few years. Therefore their numbers grew scarce and Reshaiah only had two last children to his name. Yet he ended up loosing both to the war, out of pity Seraphina granted him access to newborn puppies. He was allowed to pick his own, but to prevent a repetition of history his choosings were limited.


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