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The seven-year-war was created due to the poverty that spread after the new king was inaugurated. The heir had been proclaimed dead and so his brother rose with an iron hand. He forced every wolf outside of the walls of their 'kingdom' to fend for themselves. Rations for food were made as the herds of deer were growing scarce. Many died to starvation and sickness as the years went on, yet no one was brave enough to defy the king. Each display of retaliation was met with a swift and often painful death.

Yet on the horizon the former heir rose - alive. Rallying the wolves that lived in the caverns to aid him. He had won the loyalty of the cavern dweller's prince Trace. It helped in his pursuit for freedom and salvation. They agreed wanting to taste the sun themselves, with that the war began. Jason, the rebellion leader, was admirable in his assaults and it seemed they were of equal power. He had won the favor of the magicians, one being his beta's sister Mia. She was hailed a prodegy, a true witch. With her they could win the war as she was one of the few (the only during the time) to fully wield Seraphina's light magic. The war waxed and waned with the months, winter was harsh and unrelenting. Even the summer often brought a draught as T''aul was often mad at the scene before her. Yet as the war seemed to come to an end, Mia's brother was slaughtered. It broke her heart and she went mad with grief.

Carrying Jason's unborn children she ambushed the castle, capable of killing the old king and queen before receiving a mortal wound to her stomach. It killed her children and she was left to die. With her death, Jason lost the favor of the magic council and the war was thrown back at them.

The rebellion fell and at his execution Jason begged for the wolves to find it in them to retaliate. They could overthrow the government if they only tried. It had to be done

"We are wolves. Are we not known for our stubborness? Our inability to be tamed?"

with that he was beheaded before the masses. Yet his words struck something and the wolves did retaliate, killing the king and burning the castle. With that a new age would be born, many disagreed with the actions believing they needed a king and queen but it was all too late.

For the grand dragons Seraphina and Reshaiah descended demanding that the wolves relearn their true nature. Stripping them of the ability to create a monarchy, and letting them know that they will be watched closely from now on.


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