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This is a semi-realistic wolf rpg, set in its own little world.

Wolves are aware of humans as they live around them, but they have never made contact with them. Therefore it is alright to assume your wolf may not know anything about them.

The age this is set in is medieval, and the climate is temperate. There are four seasons, but the summer is mild whereas the winter can get harsh. The only place stagnant in seasons is the underground cavern. This place is usually cold and devoid of light in various places. It is made for the wolves graced with Reshaiah's power but not limited to the children of the other deities.

For a grand backstory on what happened see the history thread.

Yet I am here to explain that the wolves are aware of magic and the deities. Wolves may come from different territories, but the depth of the deities and their magic is universal - every wolf born was graced by the gods.

The war has destroyed the former custom of the wolves as they were drilled into believing that a king and queen must rule over them. There were no packs and the system was similar to that of the humans. There were civilians, a royal guard, merchants, workers and families as we know them. Yet with the disbandendment of the laws, wolves are now free to create their own packs.


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